HUSZPO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2004 by respected legal entities and individuals, all practitioners in the fields of environmental and nature protection. Nowadays, the Organization membership consists of 32 companies and several individual expert members. The purpose of HUSZPO is to advance professional knowledge and services in environmental and nature protection, promote and harmonize professional interests, promote professional ethics and strengthen cooperation with relevant national and international organizations and associations.


Organisational Structure



HUSZPO Assembly is the highest management body of the organization. Assembly consists of all business capable members of the Association (individuals) and one representative of each legal entity, member of HUSZPO.

Assembly president is Domagoj Vranješ.

Management Board

Management Board is executive body of the Association and the highest management body between Assembly sessions. Management Board organises the work of Association.

Members: PhD. Nenad Mikulić (president; Eko-invest Ltd.), PhD. Oleg Antonić (Zelena Infrastruktura Ltd.), PhD. Merica Pletikosić (CEMEX JSC), Bojana Borić (Ekonerg Ltd.), Željko Tusić (Vodoprivredno-projektni biro JSC), Ph.D. Ivan Martinić (individual member), Ilija Šmitran (IND-EKO Ltd.)

Administrative works are done by the Secretary of Management Board.

Secretary of Management Board is Željka Medven Korman, M.Sc.


Members to the Association can be individuals or legal persons, that are practitioners in the fields of environmental and nature protection. Application for membership is submitted to the Management Board, who make a decision based on the key criterion of the applicant being professional in the line of nature and environment protection, i.e. having the field of nature and environment protection as the primary source of income. Following a proposal by the Board of Administration the Assembly can accept honorary members to the Association.